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Grants available to help families on low incomes buy school uniform and equipment, 07/08/19 [W]

Looked after children and learners receiving free school meals can get a Welsh Government grant if they are:

  • entering reception class in primary school
  • at the start of any of the Key Stage 2, 3 and 4 (primary and secondary)
  • aged 4, 7, 11  or 14 in special schools, special needs resource bases or pupil referral units

Primary and Secondary school children are entitled to £125 for each application.
Children entering Year 7 can now apply for £200 to help with the additional costs of starting secondary school.

The fund will cover school uniform and sports kit, equipment for out of school hours trips, including outdoor learning, and equipment for activities within the curriculum, such as design and technology.

How to apply
Contact your local authority: https://gov.wales/pupil-development-grant-access