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Further restrictions on sunbed use in Wales, 26/10/11 [W]

New regulations announced today will place further restrictions on the use of sunbeds in Wales, and outlaw false claims about the health benefits of sunbeds.

From Monday 31st October the introduction of The Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010 (Wales) Regulations 2011 will require the competent supervision of sunbed use in all sunbed businesses in Wales, Health Minister Lesley Griffiths has announced.

The move follows a ban on sunbed businesses from allowing the use of, or access to, sunbeds on their premises by under-18s. This was introduced in April this year under the Sunbeds (Regulation) Act 2010. As well as ensuring all salons are properly supervised, the new Regulations also:

  • prohibit the sale or hire of sunbeds to under 18s;
  • extend to businesses that operate from domestic premises the requirement that sunbeds are not used, or offered for use, to under 18s on those premises;
  • prescribe the health information that is to be displayed and made available to adults who may seek to use a sunbed;
  • prohibit the provision or display of any material relating to health effects of sunbed use, other than material containing the health information prescribed; and,
  • require the provision and wearing of safe and appropriate protective eyewear for adults.

To read the full news story, please see the Welsh Government website.