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Funding to improve school food announced, 29/11/06, [W]

Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills, Jane Davidson ahs announced that a funding package worth £4.3 million will be made available to support local authorities and schools in driving forward improvements to school food through a whole school approach. The funding will be available for a three- year period (2006/07 to 2008/09) will:

  • enable local authorities to provide training to school catering staff which deliver recognised qualifications in healthy eating and practical cookery skills and also enable them to purchase equipment to improve existing school kitchen/dining room facilities so that they are fit for purpose
  • enable the WLGA to appoint a co-ordinator to provide practical support to local authorities, caterers and schools on improving the provision of food and drink in our schools and to procure software to enable caterers to generate menus which comply with nutritional standards

For further information see the NHS website.