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Early childhood study shows importance of early experiences, 24/01/2012 [W/E/NI/S]

New Early Years Foundation Stage recommendations, due in September 2012, will encourage more mothers and fathers to become involved in their child’s development, so they can help their children make good progress. The aim is to support all new parents in their transition to parenthood, through pregnancy and into the first months of life.

Findings from early childhood studies and neuroscience have shown that early experiences are especially critical to the child’s developing brain and regulatory system. Exposure to high levels of stress caused by abusive or extremely neglectful relationships with carers can produce ‘relatively permanent’ changes in the brain’s neural circuitry and lay poor foundations for future emotional and behavioural development. 

Insight Parenting is releasing new resources as part of their GroBrain initiative to support the new EYFS recommendations.  They include highly visual resources to use with parents either one-to-one or in groups, and CPD training to equip the workforce to explain attachment, attunement and brain development in terms that parents can understand. 

Camilla Douglas, Managing Director of Insight Parenting, working with social and health care professionals, is keen to share her findings with practitioners and can be contacted by email – camilla1951@gmail.com or via the Insight Parenting website www.insightparenting.net .