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Deadline to make retrospective claims for Continuing NHS Healthcare

People who have paid for care they believe should have been covered by Continuing NHS Healthcare between 01 October 2015 and 31 October 2016 have until 31 October 2017 to claim.

Continuing NHS Healthcare is a package of care provided by the NHS for people with complex and primarily healthcare based needs.

Social Services Minister, Rebecca Evans notes “Disabled people or those with an illness will sometimes need long-term care to help them, and their families manage. Some will have paid for that care themselves, when it should have been provided free by the NHS.”

If someone believes that they, or someone they care for, have been eligible for Continuing NHS Healthcare, but have paid for it themselves, they can now submit a claim.

To read more from the Welsh Government on the deadline, please visit their statement, here.

To get information on retrospective claims to Continuing NHS Healthcare, including the application process, please see here.