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Council’s 16+ Team picks up top participation award, 02/08/13 [W]

A council service that helps young people in care develop the skills they need to move towards independent living, has been given a prestigious participation award.

Powys County Council’s 16+ Team has been awarded the National Kitemark that focuses on ‘Children and Young People’s Participation Standards’. The team prepares young people who have been in care for the transition to adulthood and independent living when they are ready.

Powys Children and Young People’s Partnership (CYPP) promote the standard to ensure that children and young people have the opportunity to contribute, to have their voices heard and their views taken into account in decisions that affect their lives.  The 16+ Team is the first team within the council’s Children’s Services service to be the awarded this kitemark.

By achieving the standard, the team has proved that they are committed to improving Children and Young People’s Participation Standards at a national level by ensuring the service they provide enables children and young people to have a voice.

Cllr Melanie Davies, Cabinet Member for Care, said: “This award represents the hard work and commitment this team has put in to achieve the kitemark and I would like to congratulate them on their success.  Achieving the kitemark demonstrates that the young people who are about to leave care have been involved in the decision-making as they make that step towards adulthood and independent living.

“Providing opportunities for our young people in care to be actively involved in decisions about their life is to be celebrated.”

To learn more about the Participation Standards Kitemark visit www.participationworkerswales.org.uk/standards or email youth.participation@powys.gov.uk