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Communities Next – Consultation on the future of the Communities First Programme, 30/01/08 [W]

Consultation ends 28/04/08

The Welsh Assembly Government is consulting on the document “Communities Next – Taking Communities First Forward”.

Communities First is the Welsh Assembly Government’s programme to improve the living conditions and prospects for people in the most disadvantaged communities across Wales.

In “Communities Next – Taking Communities First Forward”, the preface states that the Welsh Assembly Government’s view is that Communities First needs to have a clearer focus on addressing the causes and effects of poverty. Every Communities First Partnership must be clear what it is seeking to achieve, not least in relation to the wider agenda for regeneration and social justice in Wales such as work to tackle child poverty and economic  inactivity and develop social enterprise.”

 This consultation document sets out the Welsh Assembly Government’s proposals and invites local partnerships and others to discuss and comment before the work is taken forward over the period 2009-2012.

The consultation document is available to download from the Welsh Assembly Government website.