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Children Human Rights Defenders in Wales respond to United Nations Day of General Discussion consultation

In advance of the United Nations Day of General Discussion, Children in Wales has published a response to the Child Rights Connect, (CRC) consultation on Children Human Rights Defenders.

The consultation, ‘The Views, Perspectives and Recommendations of Children Across the World’ will form the main discussion on the day. It summarises the responses of children and young people, including those from Wales.

Children in Wales worked with young people to collect their views as children human rights defenders. Their views can be read in full in our accompanying report, published today. There was a wide range of topics, with input from a variety of groups.

Care experienced young people provided insights about who they see as human rights defenders, what rights were important to them, and shared Joe’s story about standing up for his rights when he was given unsuitable accommodation.

The transformers project was started by a group of young people with lifelong limiting illnesses and hopes to support and defend the rights of young people going through transition from child to adult services. They gave their views on what stops rights being protected, what might happen if they aren’t respected and how children can help to defend rights.

Through our Getting More Involved with Social Care Project, Children in Wales also consulted with groups of children and young people with learning disabilities, with Sexual Awareness For Everyone (SAFE), and with Vale Youth Speak Up. They provided their views on children’s human rights defenders, from what they can do to defend rights to their efforts to promote the UNCRC through schools.

The report also makes recommendations to help further promote children’s rights. Amongst others, young people suggested that the UNCRC reporting process be made more accessible to children and involve them if the process was reviewed. It also suggested that barriers to becoming children human rights defenders could be lifted by making information more accessible.

You can download a copy of the report here.

On the United Nations Day of General Discussion, Children in Wales’ participation hub, Young Wales, will be in Geneva with two young people, taking part in the discussion. You can follow along with the day’s events by following @youngwalesCIW on Twitter.

Children in Wales would like to thank all of the groups and partner organisations who contributed, and to especially thank all the young people who gave their views and continue to be human rights defenders.