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Beginning the bilingual journey, 13/08/19 [W]

Cymraeg for kids is a Welsh Government national scheme that supports parents to use the Welsh language with their children by choosing Welsh medium childcare and education.  The scheme is a key element of the Welsh Government Cymraeg 2050 strategy to reach 1 million Welsh speakers by 2050 and is regulated by Mudiad Meithrin which provides Welsh medium childcare and preschool education through their daycare nurseries and Cylchoedd Meithrin.

We know that most children across the world speak two languages, and that they have the ability to grasp a language at an early age. We also know that there are many developmental benefits to learning language at an early age.  The sooner a child hears Welsh the better.

A team of 25 Cymraeg i blant field officers across Wales provide expert advice, information and support to prospective and new parents on the benefits of Welsh education and the importance of introducing Welsh early to the child.

We offer free fun activities for children and their families during term time from baby massage up to 24 weeks, baby yoga from 10 weeks and sign and rhyme groups from birth. These groups are open to all new parents – you don’t need to be able to speak Welsh to attend.  The aim of the groups is to help build and increase confidence in using Welsh with the baby.

Our work in your area

All local information about our groups can be found on the local Cymraeg i blant facebook pages.

We also work in partnership with local partners such as: Mudiad Meithrin, Mentrau Iaith, Learn Welsh centres, and the Family Information service to offer free family events with the aim of giving parents further opportunities to socialize through the medium of Welsh as well as making friends.

New parents will have come across our bilingual messages through the All Wales maternity folder, scan card and the Child Health Record Book which are supported by the Wales Heads of Midwifery and Health Visiting forums.  Parents are therefore able to make informed choices early on about the bilingual journey for their newborn.

How to get in touch with Cymraeg i blant:

Tel: 01970 639639

Email: cymraegiblant@meithrin.cymru

Facebook.com/Cymraeg i blant:Cymraeg for kids  – @Cymraegforkids

gov.wales/cymraegforkids   –  meithrin.cymru