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Ban on tobacco displays to discourage young smokers, 20/03/15 [W]

Shops across Wales as well as newsagents, clubs and pubs will have to stop displaying tobacco products for sale as of 6 April 2015.

The regulations, The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion (Display) (Wales) Regulations 2012, were introduced by the Welsh Government as part of its work to reduce smoking and improve the health of people in Wales.

The ban was introduced to large businesses in 2012, but smaller establishments were given more time to get ready for the change.

The ban is aimed at reducing smoking amongst young people, as it is known that eye-catching marketing encourages people to take up the habit. It will not limit the ability to buy cigarettes.

The new law will be enforced by local trading standards officials, and non -compliance is a criminal offence. Anyone found guilty could face a fine of up to £5,000 or up to two years in prison.

You can find the full text of the regulations on the Legislation UK website.