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Author of landmark report passes away, 18/05/11 [W]

Sir Ronald Waterhouse, whose report Lost in Care detailed “appalling mistreatment” of children at North Wales children’s homes, has died on his 85th birthday. The Waterhouse report, published in 2000, shocked the nation, and pathed the way for the appointment of Wales’ Children’s Commissioner in 2001, the first in the UK. Sir Ronald Waterhouse was also a High Court Judge and patron of Voices from Care.

Catriona Williams, Chief Executive of Children in Wales and Chair of Voices from Care, has said: “Sir Ronald understood the rights of children and young people who are ‘looked after’ in Wales. He become a true champion by leading the biggest public enquiry into child exploitation in the UK. His passing has left an important legacy which includes the creation of an independent Children’s Commissioner for Wales […] Our thoughts are with Ronald’s family at this difficult time.”

The full article about the life and work of Sir Ronald Waterhouse is available on the Wales Online website.