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Assessing the Impact of the Commercial World on Children’s Wellbeing, 07/04/08 [W/E/NI/S]

Consultation ends: 30/06/08

The UK Government is carrying out an assessment of the impact of the commercial world on children’s wellbeing.

Academics, industry, NGOs and other stakeholders are invited to provide evidence.

The objectives for the assessment are to gather evidence and to reach a consensus based on the evidence on:

  • How children’s engagement with the commercial world has changed;
  • The impact those changes are having on children’s wellbeing.

The assessment will examine children’s commercial world in the broadest sense, including: products; commercial messages; the children’s entertainment business and children’s publishing (print, music, new media); shopping; the market for children’s good and services; and any further involvement that children may have. The assessment will not be restricted to advertising.

Further information is available from the Department for Children, Schools and Families website.